It's been a long time coming...

That applies to this blog, I apologize for the long hiatus from fresh posts. Websites are insatiable and so are our trees in the spring.

The title also applies to America's premier bonsai event, The Artisan's Cup. Taking place from Friday, September 25th until Sunday, September 27th, The Artisan's Cup will be a bonsai event like none other. Held in the Portland Museum of Art (one of America's top ten fine arts museums), this show will be talked about for years to come. With exhibits designed by the renowned firm Skylab Architecture, very little about this will be similar to any previous bonsai exhibitions.

Add to that the opportunity to visit the newly-formed Portland Bonsai Village and Seattle's Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection, there's really no question about attending for the serious bonsai lover.

Details about tickets and tours of the other attractions can be found here. Not all of the details are published yet, but that will be where they're available when ready.

Wayne Schoech of Stone Lantern said it best in his blog, "What if you woke up on September 25th and realized that you’re not at the Artisans Cup and it’s too late to get there? Your friends are there and some of the best bonsai in North America are there, but not you. Sadly, you’ll just have to wait for the photos (now matter how good the photos are, they’ll always be a shadow of the real thing)."