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Shinsei School of Bonsai - Session 1, Year 1

The shinsei school of bonsai is a multi-year, hands-on course aimed at helping a student learn the principles and skills of bonsai. At the end of the course a student will have been exposed to, and had experience with, all of the elements needed to create genuine, quality bonsai with a future.

The class will meet three weekends per year over the course of three years.  Learning and practicing the technical and horticultural techniques of bonsai over the course of all four seasons for three years will establish a solid foundation for future learning and development of your bonsai skills.  This format, created by bonsai artist and author Colin Lewis for his Ho Yoku school, has proven to be an effective and inspirational way to learn bonsai.

The Shinsei School of Bonsai costs $900.00 per year.  Students supply their own materials purchased from BSNY or on their own.  Classes are limited in size; a full series of the classes is required for achieving the final certification of completion.

Payment is required at the beginning of each year.  Cash, check,  or credit cards are accepted.