An interesting gift

I received an interesting gift the other day. It's a small wooden box used by Yuji Yoshimura in the fifties and sixties. I'd love any help translating the kanji. The first characters in the large inscription say "bonsai." Beyond that I'm lost.

If you can read any of it, please leave the translation in the comments.

For a good biography of Yuji Yoshimura, check out

Don't blame me if you get lost on that website...

UPDATE: Bill Valavanis wrote on Facebook "Those boxes were used for Yoshimura's students in the classroom. He had the boxes made from Zelkova wood for his nursery. The upper right kanji in the box have the name of his nursery "Kofu En". Notice the date he had them made on the inside. Originally he had all the tools specially made in Japan for each box and Yoshimura Bonsai Company stamped on each one. I'm luck to have 15 of those boxes which now my students use, but of course they are now all filled with new tools."

Yuji box lid.jpg
Yuji box inscription 2.jpg
The Japanese date is Showa 33.

The Japanese date is Showa 33.